SimCity Buildit to create an exciting, wholesome and new experience

Before writing about a user experience for any computer, console or mobile game, I must tell you that user experience is such a thing that it varies from one gamer to another. For being a freak of mobile games and any free-to-play venture, SimCity BuildIt appealed to me very naturally and automatically. Not that its freemium properties have anything to do with this viability, but yes EA’s decision to exempt gamers from paying for download is certainly a bonus. The glitch arises when you have to buy items from the in-app stores. You need them to build parks and houses, don’t you? But there are many who don’t want to spend real money. Well, there’s the simcity buildit guide for generating an unlimited number of resources without spending a penny. Now, keep it aside and let’s focus on the main game.

A Freemium Game Experience

Although it’s a free game, it does provide a wholesome experience with plenty of myriad facets that pay a grand homage to the cult classic and its franchises. Presaging this backdrop, I started to focus on expanding my inventory right from the very beginning. One of the most pivotal aspects of the game for me was the discovery both its mobile and PC version that set a tone of its wonderful graphics. I was little apprehensive initially about the vibrancy and texture of the graphics on mobile device. To me, it was no less than a pleasant shock to see the sheen intact.

Quality As Expected

With the new franchise’s graphic tonality and texture, and the gaming appeal remaining intact, it was simply great to reign over the metro’s populace. To watch citizens plod and develop, grow and enjoy the crannies and nooks an expanding metro was good. The consistently aligned landscapes were equally fascinating. I always had a lot of interest in civil engineering and this game provided me a scope to test and exercise my prowess and flair in this field. The best thing was that the exertion was in a digital world or ambit.

It looks just fantastic in its appeal and entirety and contains a rich and varied playfield. The game’s field is then layered with various elements that are crafted in several minute details. Tilting and rotating them in different places according to my wants and plans was just motivating and fun for me. After a thumping start to game to metamorphosing it to the portable mobile ambit, I didn’t like the glitch that I was compelled to labor under one of the most rigid, taxing and strenuous free-to-play formats or shall I say, regimes. Keeping these little pitfalls aside, SimCity remains a thoroughly enjoyable outing.

It gave me a perfect avenue to conceptualize and create a layout for the city of my dreams. I planned the buildings, did the math and executed them as per my layout. I replaced the residential structures in alignment with the calculated blocks there were dedicated to public sector utilities. Flexing my plans and impulses over the town-planning was like craftspeople at work. The game contains a smutch of artistry that I developed gradually as I advanced.